Sponsor A Cadet

Be a supporter of our youth program and fund the one year cost for an individual youth to participate in the Junior Cadet or Cadet program!

$400 is all that is needed to assure one youth a full year of participation. All items covered are listed below.  With your donation you will receive a thank you letter from the specific cadet you sponsor, a biography of the youth you sponsor and a certificate of appreciation from The Pacific Area Boosters Association.

For a youth to be accepted in the Junior Cadet and/or Cadet program, there is an application process and school grades must be maintained at a certain level. Beyond that there is no financial fee for participants.. However there are expenses and the amount of dollars on hand to cover those expenses reflect the overall quality of the program that can be provided. Sponsor A Cadet provides quality assurance for an excellent program!

 Expenses that your $400 includes:
 Educational and Community Field Trips
Personal Development Field Trips
Recognition and Entertainment Field Trips
Special Projects & Meetings
Uniforms / T-shirts / Shorts
Bike School — Athletic Shoes — Insurance Supplies
Arts & Craft Materials, Pencils, Paper
Holiday Party

 LAPD Pacific Division Junior Cadets range in age from 9 -12 years old and Cadets are 13 – 18 years old. Many come from challenging backgrounds but with the support and direction of the program, go on to college, military academies, and/or the police academy! The success stories are priceless in value and very special in deed.

You may sponsor a Cadet via a tax deductible online payment or check for $400.
Purchase online: http://bit.ly/sponsoracadet
Make your checks out to  Pacific Area Boosters Association. Inc  and mail to P.O. Box 2895, Venice, CA 90294

Thank You!